David Attenborough for President

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“Send a message to leadership and the candidates for leadership…”

Sir David Attenborough for President in 2020

  • His voice is more recognizable around the globe than any of the crop of current Presidential candidates…incumbent or Democratic. 
  • He’s pioneered television in ways that have touched millions…globally. 
  • His nature narratives raise public consciousness and educate young & old about natural phenomena, flora & fauna. 
  • He never harms, but always seeks to improve upon the present condition, for without nature, mankind cannot exist.  
  • He was named “Hero of The Environment” by Time Magazine in 2007
  • His warnings about global damage to the environment have been heard by all but those who refuse to acknowledge science. 
  • He brings a constructive optimism to whatever he focuses on. 

If these sound like qualities lacking in our existing leadership structure, then send a message across the landscape by proudly wearing this t-shirt.  Others will feel the fever.  Let leadership, and the candidates for leadership know that humanity cannot live without nature, but nature can live without humanity.

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“Humanity cannot live without nature, but nature can live without humanity.”

Climate change is the most important issue not being discussed.  Our current President has withdrawn the United States from the Paris Agreement.  Conservative leaders appear to be rallying behind votes and profits from fossil fuel energy infrastructure rather than in leading the way to sustainable energy development.  Will they tell their grandchildren, “Sorry, but I had a chance to make millions?” 

Every military officer knows that you lead from the front.  Seems these Generals are sitting in their well-guarded tents far from the front lines, sipping brandy and counting fortunes, while the troops sounding the alarms of global warning are simply told, “It’s a hoax.”

While taking Sir David Attenborough as U.S. Presidential candidate is not something we take seriously, saving our planet is.  And so should you. With natural ecosystems and entire species in peril, we may not have a functioning planet in coming generations.  This may just render politicians…  extinct.